Ani Match


AniMatch is a great fun app that comes with a button big enough for easy navigation. It is very simple and engaging. The little jiggle by the animals, when a successful match is made, peaks tots’ interests. The puzzles in the app, featuring animal graphics and funny animal sounds, are easy to learn. The New York Times travel section has mentioned AniMatch as a great game to have on trips for restless toddlers. They can develop cognitive skills, memory, and concentration.


The app has four selections. Toddlers can match pictures to shadow images.

Toddlers can play animal bingo game, where they must pick the animal based on the voice made by the app.

Match shows a written word. The game features classic concentration card game.

Several buttons on the first page of the app feature other apps from the publisher.

The app comes with retina display graphics and native iPad support.

Toddlers get to know 31 different animals (10 in each game).